Treatment Menu and Prices

***Please note that all prices are per clinical hour appointments.Initial appointments will be 1.5 hours***

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TMJ Therapy® £60

ScarWork £70

Myofascial Release: £60

Blend Fascial Facial® £60

BoneWork £70

Cranio Sacral Therapy: £60

Active Fascial Release £60

Advanced Clinical Massage: £60

Aromatherapy: £60

Lymph Drainage Massage: £70

Hot StoneFusion Massage: £60

Hot Stone Reflexology: £50

Reflexology: £45

Indian Head Massage: £45

Hot Stone Facial: £60

Neals Yard Holistic Facial: £50

Hopi EarCandles: £35

Reiki: £40


Corporate and Events/Onsite rates: please call or email Tracey for a personalised quotation.