Cancellation Policy

We understand that sometimes things change and appointments have to be rearranged.

However as Tracey says…..

“ This isn’t just a job to me, but it is how I earn my living”

We ask all our clients to give notice of cancellation by 9am on the day before their treatment appointment. Failure to do so will incur the full appointment fee.

A personal note from Tracey…

“As my clients know I have always been very understanding about having to cancel appointments. However changes in the structure of the business mean that I have to review my cancellations policy. Recent time lost due to late cancellations could have been filled with clients who were waiting for appointments. Not enough notice was given to enable them to take up the cancellations. This tariff is not meant as a ‘punishment’ but hopefully it will jog your memory into calling a bit earlier if you need to rearrange. Thank you for your continued business and lets all work together to keep the appointment system flowing”