Structural Fascial Bodywork

Based on the work of Ida Rolf, SFB lays emphasis on the structural and mechanical problems of the body, in particular how the body framework is aligned.

Over a course of three treatments Tracey will use direct fascial techniques to free restrictions and enable freedom of movement

Over the three sessions we will work to free tissues that are tight or stuck, creating more space in your body and allowing for a more aligned and pain-free posture by addressing these imbalances directly, with advanced manual techniques combined with your own movement and awareness.

What to expect in your session

We will begin the session with a body reading in motion. You will be asked to walk barefoot while your practitioner assesses your gait and posture for noticeable imbalances. During treatment you will be asked to participate actively in the session by bringing movement to areas as your practitioner glides through and between the tendons, muscles, fascia and bones. After the session you will walk again while Tracey then educates you on how to move your body to prevent the restrictions reoccurring and to help you integrate the changes in your body. Note: Please do not wear any lotion to your session as this prevents the therapist from engaging the all-important fascial tissue (the cobweb-like “matrix” found within and around all of the muscles and organs of the body), our primary focus in structural bodywork.

Also recommended for those with back problems, sciatica, general aches and pains, neck tension and headaches.