Bodywork Therapies

My passion for the many therapies we offer at Massage Rocks! began over fifteen years ago, with a course in Crystal Therapy. I then embarked onto a three year course of study where I gained international qualifications in a wide range of complementary therapies. These included Massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Lymph Drainage Massage and Diet and Nutrition. I also qualified in Stress Management, Coaching and consultation, and Law of attraction coaching with the Dr Joe Vitale and Steve G Jones contributors to acclaimed self help book “The Secret” 

At the time I began my practice, I was a fully qualified Dental Nurse with almost 20 years experience. This combined with my training in massage led me to develop a treatment protocol for the debilitating and much misunderstood condition of TMJ.(TemporoMandibular Joint Dysfunction). I was receiving referrals from my dental surgeon on a regular basis and all were achieving great results in a matter of weeks ( some had suffered for up to twenty years).

Within 12 months of completing my initial massage training, I left the dental practice, began my clinical practice, and never looked back.

Around this time I also began training in Advanced Clinical Massage, where I learned to refine my skills in the treatment of pain, and also trained in the amazing Hot Stone Massage which changed my treatments completely!

In 2007 I wrote a course teaching my unique protocol in the treatment of TMJ.

Since that date over 400 therapists across the country have been trained in my protocol and are helping people out of pain. Some are now working alongside leading maxillofacial surgeons using the techniques and protocol I developed during my years as a dental nurse. This led to me being invited in 2010 to lecture at the prestigious Massage Skolen in Copenhagen, the top massage school in Denmark.

Since completing my initial therapy training in 2002 I have studied in many advanced techniques such as MyoFascial Release and CranioSacral Therapy, with the UK’s leading trainers including UPLEDGER INSTITUTE UK, and the NO HANDS Massage Company.

I have also taught advanced techniques and hot stone massage all over the UK and have trained many hundreds of therapists across the country.


In 2013 I graduated with a BTEC Level 6 Professional Diploma in Sports and Clinical Massage. This groundbreaking qualification includes training in advanced techniques including orthopaedic assessment and rehabilitation, skills that are usually the domain of physiotherapists and osteopaths. This is the highest qualification available in massage therapy in the UK today. As of the time of writing only 50 people have achieved this level of bodywork qualification, and I am the only therapist trained to this level in the North West.

In 2015 I launched BLEND Therapy and Training a training company providing advanced massage training to professionals, and also with the idea of empowering the individual with the skills to manage their own pain, de stress their loved ones and have the fulfilled and active life they desire.


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